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e-Learning and Education 2012

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e-Learning and Education



Learn English With the British Council


Producer URL :

Media Format : Mobile Content

Producer’s Description

Learn English with the British Council is an SMS-based  service that helps to improve English Language skills of the user. This service is now available to both Dialog and Etisalat mobile subscribers. The application runs at three levels - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level consists of grammar questions, idioms, collocations and phrase translations. ‘Push’ type messages are used to send idioms and collocations while ‘Pull’ type messages are used to for periodic user evaluation by British Council Language Experts. Based on the evaluations the user will be sent a report and either upgraded to an advanced level or degraded to a lower level. Users can also have the option of selecting either Sinhala or Tamil Language to receive translations of popular English phrases.



Candela Science E‐TextBook


Producer : Candela Learning Technologies ( Pvt) Ltd.

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

Candela Science E‐TextBooks is a software developed to meet the national need for digital educational content. The e-textbook content is developed according to the National Institute of Education (NIE) curriculum and in line with the content of school textbooks issued by the Educational Publications Department of the Ministry of Education. Candela Science E‐TextBooks are presently available for S cience in Grades 6 and 8. The E‐Textbook chapters follow the same sequence as the school textbooks making it easy for students to follow lessons side by side with the lessons done in schools. The presentation of content via video, audio, animations and interactive elements such as drag and drop activities and games make learning fun, enabling students to study smarter not longer.


Special Merit Award

The NDictionary English Learning Tool


Producer :  Mr. Suresh Namal

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

The NDictionary is a tool that assists students and adults to learn English. Once the software is downloaded on to the PC, the user can simply copy or type English sentences directly into its search bar and receive the Sinhala translation. The software operates in: English, Sinhala and “Singlish’ ( phonetic Sinhala) . Its OCR tool provides the option of capturing and translating words/sentences from  webpages, e-books and even error messages which cannot usually copied. In addition, it has a ‘Real-time Subtitle Translating’ feature, which translates subtitles into any of its three working language as the movie is being played. The software also comes with additional features that support English language learning such as, automatic daily display of top 10 English words and sentences with their meaning, daily English learning tips, two English learning games and also an auto grammar correction tool with community support.


Vidumanpetha – Sinhala Science web site

Producer :  The Institue of Fundamental Studies

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

Language barrier is a limitation for browsing the knowledge of science in the web for most whose mother tongue is not English. To overcome this situation, “Vidumanpetha” the first ever Sinhala Science web site was launched in 2005 with the URL The entire site was restructured and redesigned with Sinhala Unicode font and launched in August 2012 with 540 web pages under  the URL It is a web portal which provides access to three main portlets - Suwahas Vidu Jalaya, a search engine covering science glossaries, dictionaries and databases in Science; Vidu Nena Kirana, which introduces new methods like science based games and experiments to learn science and Vidu Heda Arana which provides information on terminal illnesses providing new treatments being developed.


Certificate of Appreciation

ICT based Education for Students with Special Educational Needs

Producer : Mr.  Nadira Tharanga Perera, Ms. TG Dilrukshi Wijeyrathna, Ms. Manori Wijeysooriya

Media Format Offline



Producer :   Pixel Art Co Pvt ltd.

Media Format CD / DVD


Roo Pariganaka Monthly Digital ICT Magazine

Producer :  Soft Image

Media Format : CD / DVD