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e-Science and Technology



Facial Muscle Anatomy Based Approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction in Sri Lanka


Producer : Mr. Roshan Rajapakse, Mr. A.K Madugalla , Mr. P.I.U Amarasinghe, Mr. V.H Padmathilake  in collaboration with the  University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Media Format : Offline(standalone systems)

Producer’s Description

Completely decomposed or dis-configured dead bodies would at times make it hard for Forensic Officials to  establish their identity using existing identification mechanisms. In such cases - for example victims of Natural Disasters and Murders, forensic facial reconstruction is used. The process involves acquiring a 3D model of the skull and digitally recreating the facial muscles in a 3D environment followed by adding different facial feature to improve identification. The underlying data gathered for this process included Facial Tissue Thickness and Facial Component Analysis with specific reference to Sri Lankan anatomy. This  facial reconstruction solution is feasible and cost efficient and will enable local forensic officials to be more efficient and their process more accurate.


Field Artillery Simulation System (FASS)

Producer : University of Colombo School of Computing,  Centre for Research and  development, Ministry of Defence,  and School of Artillery

Media Format :  Offline

Producer’s Description

The Field Artillery Simulation System (FASS) is used to train forward observers who play a major role in directing artillery fire to identified enemy targets and in providing feedback to zero in on targets. Currently the Sri Lanka Army trains forward observers using live fire. This proves to be extremely costly. FASS simulator allows this  training to be done at a fraction of the cost by recreating the artillery‐firing scenario in a projected immersive environment using computer simulation and 3D models. FASS is a complete training system that helps the instructors to control the training and monitor the progress of the students. It has three main  components - Trainer station, Trainee environment, and the Gunner station. The trainer can load 3D models of different environments with different lighting and environmental conditions. FASS allows 3D models of the firing ranges to be developed independently

An Open Source Framework for Lead Identification in Drug Designing

Producer :Mr. Upul Senanayake ,Mr. Rahal Prebuddha, Dr. Roshan Ragel

Media Format : Offline

Producer’s Description

This project is an effort to enhance the throughput of virtual screening process which is the initial component of drug designing. When a cause for a disease is identified, the first step in designing a drug to combat it is to find out a small molecule (ligand) that can bind to the cause protein receptor and slow down its metabolic process. This step in designing drugs is known as Lead Identification and Virtual Screening is used for Lead Identification. It is essentially a mechanism of repeatedly applying a process called docking which tries to find out the correct orientation of the ligand that would bind to the Protein Receptor. However, there are 1013 + ligands identified and hence an exhaustive search needs to be carried out. This signifies the majority of the time taken in Drug Designing. This project makes use of available multi-core environments to enhance the throughput and significantly reduce time spent in this exhaustive process.


Certificate of Appreciation

RFID Integration Platform


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SAS_EN : Soil Free Self Controlling Intelligent Plant

Producer :      Mr. Sanjaya Ratnayake, Ms. Ruvindee Rupasinghe,  Mr. Amila Sajayahan, Mr. Anurudhdha Ranatunga

Media Format :  Offline


Esfera – Augmented Reality based framework for a Dynamic and Real-time perspective

Producer :   Mr. Malith Fernando .

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