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e-Entertainment and Games 2012

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e-Entertainment and Games


Eat ‘em All


Producer : Photon Fission

Media Format :Mobile Games Platform

Producer’s Description

Eat ‘em All is a puzzle game developed for Android mobile OS. It starts with a cool storyline and continues to offer a number of difficult and interesting levels as the player keeps on playing the game. It contains a total of 48 challenging levels. More levels will be available in upcoming updates. It is built using the basic principles of graph theory and it helps the users to hone their thinking abilities while having fun. Attractive graphics, animations and music will keep the user addicted to the game. Also there are different powers that the player can use, that are unlocked as they progress in the game.



Producer : iPhonik Pvt Ltd

Producer’s Description

Chameleon is the platform that provides a guest with a single touch point from which to access in-house entertainment, food and beverage requirements, communication, room controls and access to variety of in-house services. It can use the television monitors already available in the rooms, thereby eliminating additional cost. Guests may also have the option of using the Chameleon mobile app to access services. Chameleon helps a hotel differentiate itself from the competition by providing a value added converged communication solutions, which can enhance the guests’ experience. This will build loyalty and generate new revenue streams. In the long run it will increase the overall efficiency of the hotel, by reducing the necessity for printed material, creating a paperless, more environmentally responsible business.


Stage You TV

Producer : Ms. Deepamala Abeysekera

Media Format : Broadband / Online

Producer’s Description

StageYou TV is an online platform to showcase global talent. It puts the entire performance environment online. Anyone can upload their talent to from the comforts of their home, office, where ever they might be, get RATED & DISCOVERED by the, Public, renowned judges, celebrity personnel, featured artists and talent scouts. StageYou is also a platform on which one can host competitions and online auditions to discover talent. Scoping it down, StageYou TV is about creating a simple Web application
in the intersection of phenomenally addictive and popular scenes viz social media (such as facebook , twitter), video sharing (such as youtube)and TV reality (such as X factor, American Idol, Voice).


Certificate of Appreciation


Producer :Mr. Madusha Kumarasiri and Mr. SMDR Subasinghe

Producer URL :