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Jurors' Distinction Award 2011

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Jurors' Distinction Award



Producer : iCommute (Pvt) Ltd

Media Format : Mobile Content

Producer’s Description

 iCommute is a mobile-based live traffic map with the added functionality of an SMS notification system which helps commuters cope with the heavy traffic congestion in the Colombo Metropolitan areas. It uses the power of crowd-sourcing to gather real time traffic information and generates accurate traffic alerts to help drivers navigate through the heavily congested roads in the City of Colombo. The minimum requirement to use this product would be a GPS enabled Android mobile device with an Internet connection.

Jurors’ Evaluation

“ It took me 3 ½  hours to get to Colombo from the UAE but it took me close to 5 hours to get to Wadduwa!’ was the lament of one of the jurors who had the misfortune of entering the city of Colombo in the height of the ‘school rush hour’.

The ‘rush hour’ is of course never confined to an hour. There is also the ‘office rush hour’ one has to cope with.  With close to 200,000 vehicles entering the City of Colombo each day it is a little wonder that  snarling traffic eats into at least 2% of the Country’s GDP. This simple application can greatly ease the stressful drive through the City of Colombo.  It leverages on real time traffic related information fed in by drivers themselves on accidents, road works, road closures and bad weathers conditions. The gathering of traffic data from the ‘crowd’ is significant in that it is far less costly than any conventional method of collecting traffic information. Moreover the system has been designed to upload information with a minimal number of touches. Elimination of noisy and error data from the collected traffic information is also a noteworthy area of innovation in iCommute. A points system enables users to accumulate points by providing accurate traffic information which can then be set off against the next month’s subscription fee.  



Producer : Sanjaya Ratnayake &  Ruvindee Rupasinghe

Media Format : Mobile Content

Producer’s Description

iReport is a mobile application that is designed to ease the complexities a vehicle owner has to deal with in the event of an accident. Additionally iReport also has the facility to automatically detect the location of the accident through GPS navigation while it captures from the main server details of the closest hospital, police, garage, insurance agent and enables instant communication with these parties. The user can also record details of the accident, victim and even capture images of the accident. These details can be then dispatched to the relevant parties via SMS and/ or email.

In under 5 minutes iReport can compile a complete and accurate account of the accident and have it dispatched directly the Insurance Company.  The minimum requirement to use this product would be a Blackberry to Android Smart Phone.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Accidents are numerous in the heavily congested city roads in Sri Lanka, in particular in the Country’s commercial capital, Colombo. The harassed driver has to deal with possibly an aggressive driver, an injured person while ensuring that he has the necessary documentation for lodging a claim with the insurance company. iCommute has been designed to tackle all of these with least hassle. GPS navigation enables easy location of the nearest hospital while the insurance claim module has facility to capture, store and send to the Insurance Company all the required information via e mail – vehicle particulars, driver’s particulars and even a photograph of the accident. iReport also has a few more handy features – a video clip capturing facility, a flash light and emergency contact module which enables accurate location of the place of accident and the closest garage, hospital or police station. A very interesting and useful feature is a ‘ secret audio recording facility’ which can indeed come in handy where the accident involves aggressive  individuals!