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e-Science and Technology 2011

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e-Science and Technology



Free Wave

Producer : Sheran Corera

Producer URL :


Producer’s Description

The massive influx of computers in modern society has led to the discovery of novel approaches in how humans interact with computers. Hand gesture recognition in particular has received much attention as these gestures play a large role in human communication. Amongst the various devices used to capture hand gesture movement, the accelerometer has become increasingly popular as it is immune to challenges inherent to computer vision (such as background noise, variable lighting conditions and limited scope) and due to its availability in numerous consumer electronics such as gaming remotes and modern mobile phones.

FreeWave is a framework to facilitate users to interact with different software applications using accelerometer enabled devices such as smart phones. The framework is capable of integrating with multiple mobile devices, multiple recognition algorithms and a variety of end-user applications. In addition, it also supports the processing in a decentralized manner using defined protocols and APIs. The framework based approach can be used to build a co-dependent network of programmers, users, devices and applications which can be used to further Human Computer Interaction.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Gestures play an important role in human communication. It is therefore no surprise that in the extensive research that has gone into explore natural mechanisms of human computer interaction, tracking of hand movements has received much attention. The accelerometer that is included in many of the modern devices can be used as a means to determine these hand gestures.

FreeWave creates an open source, accelerometer based gesture recognition eco-system, moving users away from the traditional, keyboard and mouse based approach and control applications to a far more intelligent, comprehensible manner, enabling them to connect with the application they are controlling using human motion as an input.

While this application can be used in music to enhance expression and make vibrant a live performance, it can also be useful in a variety of other domains – as a learning/ communication tool for disabled, for making presentations more interactive, playing games and controlling media applications.

The Jurors noted the fact that the product is currently being deployed as an interactive media tool in business and presentations. It is also being tested for use as an education tool for kids and adults with special needs such as those suffering from cerebral palsy / strokes. 


Mobile to Site Content Update Platform (mscup)

Producer : UniverSL Software Solutions PLC .

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

Mobile to Site Content Update Platform, mscup is a revolutionary product in the field of web and mobile interaction. It is a simple way of updating the content of a web site without an internet connection. It simply uses SMS technology without the need for any specialized input or device. The application is hosted on the Etisalat Appzone.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The process for updating a website through a simple sms, without the need for any complex programming is a conceptually unique mechanism.  It simplifies interaction of the mobile with the web. The level of interaction can be customized according to the user requirement. The product offers several key advantages to the user the most important being that he can update the site while on the move and he does not require an internet connection or any special technical capabilities.  The user can also be secure in the knowledge that no unauthorized access is possible. The solution being mobile operator independent is also a distinct advantage.

The Jury noted that while this product has been deployed at the IDM Corporate Division it has a lot of potential given the large and ever increasing number of website that are hosted and managed by Sri Lankan companies and individuals. Its potential in the overseas market is demonstrated by the interest shown by Pizza System Technology Canada. ( for incorporating the application with their online food ordering system.


Special Merit Award

Mihimadala NSF Science Magazine on TV

Producer : National Science Foundation

Language:  Sinhala / Tamil / English

Media Format : DVD / TV

Producer’s Description

The NSF Science Magazine consists of a series of video programmes telecast over the National Television Channels with the objective of creating a knowledge based society - a society that would understand the basics of science and technology and how it would impact on their daily lives; how it can be utilized to improve their daily activities. The Programme targets the general public – school children, house wives, farmers and others. In addition to being telecast over the National Television a DVD version has also been produced for use in educational programmes – workshops and seminars conducted by the National Science Foundation. Importantly it is also being distributed across the Country through the ICTA initiated Mobile Library for Digital Content.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Technology can play a vital role to uplift the living standards of citizens. Yet this can be achieved only if the citizen is made aware of the basic principles of science and technology and its relationship to everyday living. These concepts have to be put across to the citizen in a simple and interesting manner in order for it to be effective.

Mihimadala has sought to convey complex scientific knowledge through interesting video footage backed by informative but simple narrative. Importantly the original narrative although in Sinhala Language has been dubbed in Tamil and English in order to ensure that language is not a barrier. Since the content for these DVDs have been provided by domain experts under the supervision of the National Science Foundation credibility of content is assured.

The DVD content addresses very relevant and important topics such as natural disasters (tsunami, landsides, droughts, floods, lightening, cyclones etc.), pesticide usage, organic farming and rain water harvesting amongst a host of others.  The presentation techniques used, while being informal and friendly arouse curiosity of the viewer and serves to hold his interest. Presentation techniques have been made diverse by built in questions and answers. 


Sri Lanka Science Index (SLSI)

Producer :National Science Foundation

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

The Sri Lanka Science Index is a database intended to serve as a comprehensive and unique source of information offering free access to the full text of the total local research and technology literature output of Sri Lanka. It is searchable through the internet and currently offers information on over 32,000 documents in Science & Technology literature of local origin. The database offers free access to all documents that it contains but due to copy right restrictions the full potential of the database has not as yet been exploited. Free online access to the full text is presently offered only to around 2000 NSF copy righted material and few other journals. Material that cannot be viewed can be searched and identified but access is only possibly only within the NSF premises. The NSF is working on getting copy right permission from publishers to offer full benefit of the product.

The database covers articles published both in local and foreign periodicals, conferences and seminar papers, theses, monographs, research and technical reports produced by universities, scientific and research institutions, professional associations and various national committees. This ensures the capture of items that fulfill a distinct function in research but escape the mainstream literature coming into the public domain. The database built on WINISIS Library management software is in the process of being migrated to a new Digital Library software 'Dspace' which is more suitable for the purpose.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Research may not always begin with a particular practical goal. However, over the years, it ends up being one of the best investments that fuels economic growth and sustainability in most instances. It is therefore extremely important for scientists, technologists, researchers and the academia to have access to a source which covers comprehensive information on the past & present research conducted in the country to support new thinking, education, innovation and productive research. This information is equally important for administrators in making correct policy decisions.

The Sri Lanka Science Index database through its comprehensive and unique database offers free access to the full text of the local research and technology literature output of Sri Lanka. Although copy right issues are a limitation that the NSF has to deal with, the site has the potential of developing into an excellent resource for scientists, researchers, academics, administrators, policy makers and industrialists.   The database is enriched with a user friendly interface with flexible searching facilities based on a powerful search engine.

With the migration of the database to a new database, the 'NSF Digital Repository', on open source Dspace software it will enable Sri Lankan scientists to upload their work into a central repository which promotes self-archiving in addition to creating global visibility to the scholarly research output of the Sri Lankan scientific community. With improvements to its capacity and features the Sri Lanka Science Index is expected to evolve further taking on board  new technological developments and catering to new and changing needs of users.


Certificate of Appreciation

Affno m- Suite

Producer :  Affno (Private) Limited

Media Format :  Mobile Content


Microwave Radio Link Planning Tool

Producer :      W.M.D.R.Gunathilaka



Media Format :  Offline(standalone systems)