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e-Business and Commerce 2011

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e-Business and Commerce




Producer - (Pvt) Ltd.
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Producer’s Description

Kapruka is the largest e-commerce web application in Sri Lanka with an annual revenue running into millions of dollars a year. Its customer base comes largely from the 2.5 million Sri Lankans living overseas who wish to send gifts to their loved ones in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has been on line for the last seven years with thousands of enhancements and a complex 100% web based back end operation to manage over 6500 products and 500+ orders each day.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Kapruka is a major e-commerce web application with extremely profitable annual revenues.  It is largely targeted at Sri Lankans living overseas. Its primary service is gift delivery. The site offers a large variety of gifts including fresh flowers, cakes, jewelry, electronics and restaurant food. Currently they are engaged with more than 30 well established business brands in Sri Lanka. Kapruka uses a GPS vehicle tracking system to optimize on delivery and a web based accounting system with customizations at enterprise level, making transactions easy and user friendly. User interfaces are attractive and designed to capture the online market. It is regularly updated and displays the latest information on products.  The shopping cart concept is simple facilitating use even by the   ‘not very computer literate’.  Attractive item categorization and arrangement adds value to the site. Services have been expanded to include Digital Photos that can be printed for customer use. They claim over 800 million rupees annual turnover and a market share of over 80% of the entire e-commerce business landscape of Sri Lanka. This reflects the most innovative idea among web based business models in Sri Lanka.





Ridgecrest Asia (Pvt) Ltd

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Producer’s Description

Most of us remember those days when we had to visit a movie theatre well ahead show time, stand in long queues to either purchase or reserve cinema tickets. Many a time we were confronted with a ‘House Full’ notice and have had to turn back disappointed. With the advent of TicketsLK all that has changed.  TicketsLK, is a “One Stop Ticket Shop”, offering customers the convenience of booking tickets online with the click of a mouse, from the comfort of their home/office and having it delivered to their ‘inbox’.

TicketsLK hopes to expand its services further to provide for online reservation of train and bus tickets as well as seats at professional workshops. A re launch of the website will enhance usability with more personalized social network options.


Jurors’ Evaluation

This product caters to the entertainment segment of the population in Sri Lanka providing customers a quick and easy way of purchasing their tickets from where ever they are. Moreover it also serves to create awareness amongst the general public on current and upcoming events across the Country. Although TicketsLK was initially developed to support bookings of movie tickets as the demand for online purchases grew, the site expanded its portfolio of services to cater to sports events, stage shows, and concerts. It even accommodates events without seating arrangements such as ground bookings for sport events. The versatility of the system is further demonstrated by the fact it enables ticket bookings through all Mobile service providers.


Special Merit Award

Ceylon Artists

Producer :Ceylon Artists

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Producer’s Description

Presently, in Sri Lanka there are many web based systems which provide facilities for buying and selling many kinds of products and services. This however is the first time that a website has been developed exclusively with artists in mind. Ceylonartists has been designed after studying some of the best international online market places for works of art and fills a felt need.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The site provides an online market place for Sri Lankan artists to sell their works locally and internationally at competitive prices through a web based system. It facilitates the registration of artists and uploading of digitalized images of the works of art. A customer can purchase works of art by making an online payment, after which the artist will hand over the original work of art to Ceylonartists to be couriered to the customer, after ensuring its conformity to the digitized image against which the original order was placed. Ceylonartists provides a much needed market access to lesser known and younger artists. This site provides them with publicity and the facility to receive comments on their works. The site enables registered artists to set the prices for their works of art on their own and edit item information whenever necessary.  The quality of the digital image is good with colours close to that of the original work. The web interface is simple and user-friendly.


Online Ordering System for Keels Super

Producer :Four Corners Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. & Jay Kay Marketing Services

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description is Sri Lanka’s first online supermarket. The site with its attractive layout enables consumers   to purchase supermarket products online at the same price as in the supermarket and have it delivered to the address of his or her choice, or collect it from a preferred Keells outlet. The site has several inbuilt features which makes it very interactive and ensures ease of use.

Jurors’ Evaluation is an e-commerce application, which enables customers to place an order and pay online for goods and services offered through one of Sri Lanka’s leading supermarket chains. It targets the modern day house wife juggling household chores together with a fulltime job and those Sri Lankans who live overseas wishing to send groceries to their loved ones ‘back home’.

The system provides for customers to request delivery to their homes, offices or opt for pick up from a specified outlet.  The simple user interface has many features which facilitate the customer – product selection by category or through an advanced search option; automatic check on product availability at the chosen outlet prior to adding to cart and the option of changing the delivery address at any time while shopping. Each time the delivery address is changed the system checks for availability and prices at that location and updates the shopping cart automatically.  The system maintains records of past orders making it easy for customers to place orders. Other noteworthy features include space for third party advertisements and provision for vendors to log in and ascertain stock levels of their products. Considerable back end engineering has gone into this product to provide a simple but reliable and easy to navigate platform for customers to do their day to day shopping.


Certificate of Appreciation

Producer :   Four Corners Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Product URL :


Chinese Dragon Café Website and Online Ordering System

Producer :  Pyxle Private Limited  & Chinese Dragon Cafe

Product URL :


LexEcon  eSME  Initiative

Producer :  LexEcon Consulting Group &  Secured Signing Ltd

Product URL  :