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e-Government and Institutions



e-Pay Automation System 

Producer :

Department of Posts

District: Colombo

Producer URL

Producer’s Description

The purpose of the e-Pay Automation System is to automate the Postal Outlets of the Department of Posts in Sri Lanka. Currently through this system the Department of Posts collects payments on Electricity Bills and Mobitel (mobile service provider) Postpaid and Prepaid Bills. The system has also got an Electronic Money Transfer Module. Since its deployment in January 2010 the system has been gradually extended to 617 postal outlets island-wide. Around 2000 concurrent users log in to the system during working hours. The system handles around 32,000 customers, 34,000 transactions with an average of Rs 43.5 million per day efficiently

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury observed that since its introduction in January 2010, the e Pay Automation System has evolved with commendable success. At various stages of its development the Project has successfully introduced a new Module of citizen service, creating a win-win situation for all its primary stakeholders. The increase in revenue and significant rise in the transaction volume for various modules over a period of time, signify the efficiency of the system and is a clear reflection of its acceptance by citizens. The introduction of the “Knowledge Sharing Centre” for the e-Pay system users has been a novel addition to the features of the system. Jury also noted that the future plans of the Department of Posts include delivery of services via a mobile platform. Given the very high mobile penetration in the Country this is most appropriate. 


Sahana Disaster Management System for National Disaster Relief Services Centre


Producer :

ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, National Disaster Relief Services Center & Joint venture  comprising  hSenid Business Solutions & Respere Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd


Sinhala / English / Tamil


Producer’s Description

The National Disaster Relief Services Center (NDRSC) under the purview of Ministry of Disaster Management is responsible for post disaster management and relief in Sri Lanka. The main functions of the NDRSC are Search & Rescue, Disaster Relief and Resettlement & Rehabilitation. To enhance the capacity of the current manual system, the internationally renowned and only Free/Open Source Disaster Management System “Sahana” ( has been customized and enhanced to cater for the requirements of NDRSC.

Hitherto faxes and telephone calls are used as primary modes of communication to gather data from peripherals, and the data is then either entered to desktop based systems or kept in manual files. This desktop based or manual system is not only inefficient it also has no capacity for further enhancement.

The project 'Deployment of Sahana Disaster Management System for National Disaster Relief Services Centre (NDRSC)' was thus conceived.  The system enables the NDRSC to continue to receive input data on existing data entry forms from the Divisional

and District levels while making the NDRSC processes more efficient and error free, making information more accessible.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury noted that deployment of an enhanced and also customized version of “Sahana” to meet the requirements of the National Agency NDRSC the organization mandated with the responsibility of disaster management in Sri Lanka is a comprehensive step in leveraging on ICT for effective and timely response to national disasters. The Sahana disaster management system although initiated by Sri Lanka software professionals has not been extensively used for disaster management in Sri Lanka. With the customizations introduced by this project NDRSC will be better equipped to deliver and manage post disaster relief work in Sri Lanka and bring speedy relief to citizens affected by disasters.

Given the increase in natural disasters and with several districts being singled out as disaster prone, increasing the efficiency of NDRSC processes is very important. The Jury appreciated that the system has enabled improved collaboration efficiencies of NDRSC with its network of responders at district and divisional secretariats, while it has also improved data management and analysis which are essential for decision making and forecasting.




Semi-Automated Power Line Vegetation Management Tool


D.M.A.K Dissanayake,W.M.D.R Gunathilake & Ceylon Electricity Board



Producer’s Description

This software tool increases the Quality of Service (QOS) of national power system by providing a Vegetation Management System for power lines based on the data taken from the field. The software analyses the data for the Transmission and Distribution system of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and manages data of each power line span through graphical user interface (GUI). It uses scientific data, such as rates of growth, to make a 2D graphical representation of the span profile, depicting the growth of vegetation, existing physically close to power line base. The software generates a notification when a tree is in danger of touching power lines.  It therefore becomes convenient to make a proper “wayleaves” clearing plan to clear the vegetation without physically visiting the field. The system will thereby enable the CEB to maintain a good QOS to the consumer.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury observed a unique blend of ICT innovation and routine processes in this novel project, which would help to deliver cost effective and timely service to the electricity consumers in Sri Lanka. It was observed that the potential of this tool could be enormous by way of savings it can bring about through the reduction of labour costs, breakdown costs, and transport costs amongst others. By effective deployment of this tool the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) can maintain a continuous quality service to the consumer. Although the software has been deployed only as a pilot and on a limited scale the Jury was impressed with the novelty of the concept and blending of the state-of-the-art software tools and the essential technical processes into a viable proposition which can save a lot of taxpayers’ money and provide a high QOS utility service. Jury also observed that this was a felt need and the concept used was very apt and essential for a country like Sri Lanka, where electricity has to be transmitted across large distances covered by thick vegetation and forest areas.


Special Merit Award

eDivisional Secretariat (eDS) Application System

Producer :ICT  Agency of Sri Lanka

Producer URL :

Producer’s Description

A Divisional Secretariat provides over 100 different government services, from the birth to the death of a person, to the members of 6000-10000 families in a Divisional Secretaries’ Division. These services were provided entirely through a manual system, which is invariably associated with lots of inefficiencies and malpractices. The e-Divisional Secretariat (eDS) pilot project, launched in 2009 by Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, in collaboration with Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs in three divisional Secretariats of Colombo District, proposed to have 45 citizen services delivered by Divisional Secretariats, to be completely ICT-driven.  After a rigorous process of re-engineering the manual process of Divisional Secretariats, the current version of the eDS project has been deployed with introduction of associated change management processes to improve work efficiency of employees.


Jurors’ Evaluation

The Jury recognized the application as a significant step towards a paperless office with all key management and decision making processes, handled through an electronic information system. It is also appreciated that, when fully implemented, this application would enhance productivity, transparency and consequent reduction of corruption in the Divisional Secretariat in the delivery of services to citizens and businesses. The application has also the potential to promote the development of the Divisional Secretariats, by facilitating implementation of various development activities directly involving the citizens living in the area and the businesses established in the area. The innovations in creating the front and back office, proper MIS to track the work flow status and performance for supervisory needs as well as for future planning of resources have also been noted for merit by the Jury.


GAMPATHI  - An Informational web portal for Thannekumbura GS Division

Producer :D.K Kerthetissa (Gramaniladhari Thannekumbura) & D.K.D Madubashitha

Producer URL

Producer’s Description

In the hierarchy of Sri Lankan Public Administration Grama Niladhari position is the closest as it gets to the general public understanding their day to day life and their needs. It is the smallest unit of administration. “GAMPATHI” is an open source software based web portal developed by the Grama Niladhari of the 275 Thannekumbura Grama Niladhari Division for the benefit of the residents of his Division as well as for any Sri Lankan citizen seeking information on documentation and other requirements for obtaining key  services.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The jury noted that the GAMPATHI Project has attempted to bridge the existing gap of information on various development related matters in remote parts of Sri Lanka.  For this purpose an enterprising Grama Niladhairi, has used Internet Technologies and Free and Open Source Software to develop the Web Portal on a standard platform like Joomla and Apache Web Server. Jury also noted that the tri lingual approach of the portal ensured that it catered to all ethnicities.  Moreover the Jury commended the efforts  made by the Grama Niladhari in leveraging technology for the benefit of the people of his Grama Niladhari Division.    


Certificate of Appreciation

AAIB Paddy Insurance System

Producer  :  Indunil Jayasuriya & Agriculture and Agrarian Insurance Board

Media Format :  Offline(standalone systems)


Mobile Meter Reader for Utility Industry

Producer :  Ajanthan Eliyathamby, Shafeek M.A.C.M & Adhikari A.M.T.B

Product URL :


Network Based Access Control System

Producer :  Automated Barcode Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Media Format :Broadband/Online