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Bhasha SETT Browser



Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd


Sinhala / Tamil / English

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Producer’s Description

The Android does not support Sinhala or Tamil Unicode or render it by default, but Android users can now conveniently read any Sinhala/Tamil website or web content using the Bhasha SETT Browser which comes with full Unicode rendering support. In addition to providing Sinhala/Tamil native script rendering support, it can also render Sinhala/Tamil content in Latin script, enabling Tamil speaking communities who understand Sinhala, but can't read Sinhala script to read and acquire knowledge of Sinhala content, and vice-versa.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Bhasha SETT Browser is basically a mobile web browser for the Android. It has all the general functionality of a web browser such as bookmarks, history, downloads and tabs. The most important and unique feature is its exclusive capability of rendering and displaying Sinhala/Tamil Unicode web contents. It not only renders the Sinhala/Tamil Unicode web contents in the relevant native script it can also render the contents as transliterated Latin Script. This can be very useful to those who speak the language, be it Tamil or Sinhala but cannot read the text. In fact in Sri Lanka today there are a large number of Tamils who can speak Sinhala although they cannot read the Sinhala Language script. Another interesting feature is the fact that the Bhasha SETT browser has the capability of rendering English, Sinhala and Tamil simultaneously so that the user can conveniently read a web page containing all three scripts.

Bhasha SETT Browser impacts on all Sinhalese & Tamil Android users in Sri Lanka, and with it’s recent introduction in the Hindi Language, in India as well. Although the number of Sinhalese and Tamil Android users may still be limited, it is growing quite rapidly. The 3500+ downloads of SETT Browser within a short space of 7 months reflects its potential.

Ada Derana Mobile Application 


FortunaGlobal (Pvt) Ltd & Derana Macro Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd



Media Format

Mobile Content

Producer’s Description:

Ada Derana Mobile Application is a content delivery app designed for “” to deliver “Ada Derana” news & media content to users of Apple and Android powered mobile devices around the globe. Users can log onto the site on the move and be updated on the latest news and events. This mobile app features Breaking News, the Latest news, top stories with comprehensive coverage of news from Sri Lanka. It allows users to share AdaDerana content via popular social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Mobile communication continues to find new and exciting ways of bridging geographic barriers, doing business and even just keeping in touch with your freinds and loved ones.  In recent years we have seen an exponential growth in the use of mobile devices world over. In Sri Lanka mobile penetration is well over 70% and growing. Moreover the mobile handsets themselves are fast converting to the much advanced smart phones. These devices are fast acquiring all the functionality and applications offered by a personal computer. The trend is very evident in Sri Lanka too. In this environment, application driven mobile content has all the necessary attributes to becoming the future of interactive media and entertainment.

In the highly competitive news broadcasting space in Sri Lanka, Derana has built probably the most comprehensive news property on offer - "Ada Derana" - with a news team of 100 people geared to delivering the most accurate and timely information. The Ada Derana Mobile App which is specially designed to deliver Media content to smart phones operating on the Android Platform as well as the iPhone has the potential of tapping a significant market segment.


Special Merit Award

Train Schedule Android App

Producer :ICT Agency of Sri Lanka & Department of Railways

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Producer’s Description

Train Schedule Android App is a simple system for accessing the day to day train schedule. The app is freely downloadable from the Android Market to any Android device including smart phones and tablet PCs. The application targets the general public who use the railway for their regular travel as well as tourists and holiday makers. Users able to get upto date information on train arrivals and departures as well as price of train tickets. Given the frequent delays experienced on the local railway network the app is a bonus for travel by train. The app retrieves this information via GPRS or 3G from information up loaded to Lanka Gate, Sri Lanka’s gateway for electronic information and transactions. The accuracy and reliability of the information is assured by the fact that information source is the Department of Railway. The functionality of the software is very simple.   


Jurors’ Evaluation

Rail Transport in Sri Lanka consists of a heavy-rail intercity network connecting major population centers and a commuter rail serving the Colombo commuter traffic. With an average commuter traffic of 300,000 per day the train is undoubtedly a popular mode of travel in Sri Lanka, particularly amongst the local workforce. The reason for this preference is that the train is a low cost and time saving method of transportation as against buses or private vehicles that have to ply on roads which are heavily congested with traffic during rush hours. Many people also use the train for travelling long distances on holidays, visits to relatives and sites of significant interest. The Train Schedule Application is therefore a much needed solution and a clear example of facilitating public access to a government service

This schedule runs on a comprehensive database developed through the collaboration of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka and the Department of Railway. It is the first ever mobile application that uses a web service outside of the Lanka Government Network and leverages on the new and emerging technology of the Android Platform which is rapidly gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. This application has been added to the Android Market only November 2010 but it has five star rating with more than 1500 downloads and around 1000 active users.  

This application can be also a very useful tool for the tourists who travel to Sri Lanka on a small budget.


Certificate of Appreciation

My Astro

Producer :  Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd  and Deshabandu Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene

Media Format : Mobile Content


CityGuide Live Traffic Navigator

Producer :  Myriad Digital (Pvt) Ltd and MIT Geomatics

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