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Producer : Keheliya Bandara Gallaba

District : Gampaha

Original Title : සියබස්සරණ ඇ‍ඩෝනය

Product URL :


Have you ever experienced problems in  reading Sinhala Language web content? Have you been hassled with having to down load non uni code third party fonts in order to make sense of these sites. SiyabasScript is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which will allow the user to view with ease non uni code texts and maps running on any operating system.

Tri-Lingual Web based SL Map

Producer: Marius sanjeewa Jayasuriya

District : Gampaha

Original Title : ත්‍රි භාෂා ශ්‍රී ලංකා අන්තර්ජාල සිතියම

Product URL


CEYLONMAP.COM is an interactive, comprehensive, multilingual internet mapping system. It is an easy to use directional guide to specific locations, sites of interest and tourist attractions and combines the road map,   bus routes, and rail lines. has some distinct advantages – it is trilingual, it has useful bits & pieces of information such as location of fuel stations, shops, hotels & tourist attractions and it differentiates main roads, secondary roads, minor motorable roads, and it’s access is free of charge.

SALA ProSat GPS Navigator

Producer: SALA Geo Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd

District : Colombo

Producers’ URL :

How often have you found yourself driving in circles trying to find the place you need to go to?  You will stop and ask for directions, get more confused and move on. Now Sri Lanka has its own localised GPS Navigation System with voice guidance for use on the local road network which covers the whole Country and is  available in Sinhala Language.