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e – Inclusion

Tamil Text-to-Braille Converter

Producer : Jinasena Training & Rehabilitation Trust

District: Colombo

Description: Braille books are very expensive to produce. It is therefore not surprising that   visually handicapped children are often deprived of school text books. With the Tamil Text to Braille Converter school text books can be easily converted to Braille and printed off a Braille embosser. A visually impaired child can now have the same benefits as a sighted child both in the class room and at public examinations. The question papers which hitherto were read out can now be given in Braille.  This innovation would go a long way in building a truly inclusive society.



Producer: Language Technology Research Laboratory , UCSC

District : Colomob

Original Title : සුබස

Product URL :

Description:  Internet constitutes a quick reference guide for any, and everything, BUT that is if you understand the English Language. What if you don’t? What if you like 74% of the population in Sri Lanka speak Sinhala? A language that is spoken nowhere else in the world? Subasa resolves this by providing a useful set of tools and references for Sinhala Language users including an English to Sinhala Dictionary add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird and an Ancient Sinhala book collection.