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e- Culture & Heritage 2009

Explore Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka is a great solution for increasing the level of tourism, both local and foreign. It allows the user to manage a tour to anywhere in Sri Lanka quickly and easily.
The user can select the basic information for his/her journey and the software organizes, manages and builds final & complete information which can be printed.
This software also contains detailed road maps, places of cultural / historical interest with photos / videos. Distance, time, fuel cost estimates and even a 3D tour simulator are included.

Producer- Sumagasoft
District- Kalutara
Language- English/Sinhala


Folk Tales and Stories from the History

This is a product from a Nenasala housed in one of the Country’s oldest temples. Miyugunaramaya in Kurunegala, uses the talent of young children to relate well known folk tales and historical legends in the form of animated cartoons.

Producer- Sanka foundation(Nenasala Miyugunaramaya)
District- Kurunegala
Language- Sinhala


Sivuseta is a Sinhala Language magazine series that explores art and culture in Sri Lanka and around the world. These programmes can be accessed through  the web. The programme title is derived from traditional Sinhalese cultural concept of the sixty-four artistic forms which was gifted when Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka by Emperor Asoka. These forms include dance, music, poetry, song, craft, drama, martial arts, paints, sculpture and culinary skills.

Producer- Young Asia Television (Pvt) Ltd.
District- Colombo
Language- English/Sinhala