e-Government & Institutions 2009

Performance Monitoring System

The performance Monitoring System provides means for monitoring the work output of Government Officers at activity level to monitor how long it has taken to complete a particular activity and map it with the relevant item in Citizens’ Charter. In addition to the above, each individual officer’s attendance to management meetings are assessed and mapped with the relevant criterion in the Citizens’/Clients’ Charter. The objective of the Performance Monitoring System is to assist the Secretaries to Ministries, Heads of Government Departments / Statutory Bodies to institute a Citizens’/Clients’ Charter as a written commitment in provision of quality, fast, efficient services tailored to meet the requirements of citizens.

Producer- Information and Communication Technology Agency
District- Colombo
Language- Sinhala

Web Portal of Southern Co-operatives

Dakshina Samupakara Bihindhora (Web Portal of the Southern Cooperatives) seeks to enhance the functioning of the co-operative system and to raise awareness of its potential amongst the people in the South of Sri Lanka. It is an attempt at leveraging on new media technology for progress.

Producer- Dept. of Co-Operative development - Southern Province
District- Galle
Language- Sinhala