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health and Environment 2016

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Run Tropica

Product Description

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. “Run Tropica” incorporates this concept into the rehabilitation process of children with brain injuries in a novel approach, where it complements the current conventional rehabilitation program. The main aim of this project was to develop an active video game based on virtual rehabilitation system, which focuses on targeted physical therapy of the lower limbs of the pediatric population. e.g Cerebral palsy (damage to the motor control centers of the developing brain), Motor disorders.

“Run Tropica” has a 2D infinite (endless) runner based simple platform game design, where the player’s performance is based on their ability to collect the items and how far they can run. The game play is designed in such a manner that the user is motivated to perform the specified physical movements of the lower limbs for a substantial period of time. The one button mechanism is controlled by the lower limb movements of the user detected via the Kinetic sensor from Microsoft. There are five specific movement types have been incorporated in the initial version.

Jurors Evaluation

Run Tropics is an excellent example of the power of gaming in the health sector  amply demonstrated by the “Run Tropica” app from the University of Sri Lanka. The app uses gaming as a tool to help cerebral palsy patients   practice the necessary exercises to enable them to get control of limbs that have been affected by palsy aiding in the recuperation process. Simple gaming techniques have been effectively used to induce multiple exercises that require the patient to engage with the game actively. This process of game engagement has amply demonstrated its innovation in using a mobile app in a medical condition that is difficult in most ICT interventions. Run Tropica is an app not just for Sri Lanka but for any patient with similar conditions across South East Asia.

Producer : University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka (UCSC) and Monash University Malaysia

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Genisys-Smart Water Bottle Holder

Product Description

Genisys is a smart water bottle holder which gives the user a recommendation of the amount of  water they should take  daily by factoring  personal details (height, weight, gender, age, body type, special diseases) and environmental factor (temperature, humidity).It makes sure the users achieves the daily recommended amount by reminding the user by vibrating the bottle holder and making a beep sound in the bottle holder and through on your smartphone. Genisys comes along with a mobile application for configuration purposes at the registration (getting personal data). Once got registered, the user can use Genisys independently even without a mobile device.

This mobile app includes meaningful graphs about water intake daily, weekly and monthly. Genisys connects to mobile device via Bluetooth, which consumes very less amount of energy. The Genisys holder has the capability to save the data and sync whenever the phone connects. It is a very fashionable holder which comes in different colors to select from.

Jurors Evaluation

With the busy lifestyle people tend to forget to drink water.  Continuous low consumption of drinking water leads to many problems such as renal and neurological problems. As a solution, team Genisys has produced an intelligent, smart water bottle holder, which is engineered with high technology to pair with the smartphone (Genisys mobile app), which keeps users alert all the time, and constantly monitors their water consumption. It is an Innovative application which supports to increase the productivity of the country by contributing towards building a healthy generation. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a Winner in this category considering the number of social benefits provided by this application.

Producer         : Team Genisys (Rashmi Mendis, Sasanka Kudagoda, Savindra Perera, Sameera Fuard)

Producer Link :

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District Nutrition Monitoring System

Product Description

District Nutrition Monitoring System (DNMS) is a national public health information system, which is used to facilitate multi sector nutrition action plan of the National Nutrition Secretariat, functioning under Presidential Secretariat. The scope of this system, which has been planned for island wide implementation, is to collect data of children with malnutrition at grass root level, monitor nutritional level periodically and to identify household risk factors. DNMS has both mobile and web based interfaces. Public health midwives (PHMs) can use the Android based mobile application to collect data on children with malnutrition at field level, which is transmitted to a centralized server. Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and other field level data managers can access and validate the data entered by PHMs using the web interface. The validated data is analyzed at district and national level for the decision making in enhancing nutritional status of the affected children and hence the nation. In addition to data capture, the Android application supports real time data validations, longitudinal data charting through trilingual interfaces. The central data warehouse is based on a customized instance of free and open source health management information system, DHIS2. Extensive on-site in-service training is provided to field level health workers.

Jurors Evaluation

The need for accurate data for health interventions has been a major concern for most health agencies across many developing countries.    Many attempts have been made to create an effective nutrition monitoring system which would help in the reduction of malnutrition at early stages in children and reduce infant mortality.

 Although, many ICT interventions have been made over the past decade, the DNMS by Health Informatics society of Sri Lanka has addressed this with an innovative app that effectively helps in the monitoring and data collection at the grass-root level. The application supports real time data validations, longitudinal data charting through trilingual interfaces. Its success is enhanced through extensive on-site training of the field workers with regular monitoring and support. The well designed dashboard with colour coding and longitudinal charting are value addition to the built in analytics that sets this apart from many of the other similar attempts made by agencies across several counties. The universality of this very effective solution has potential across most developing nations and one hopes this award will give the impetus for this to be shared with all neighbouring nations.

Producer          : Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka 

Producer URL :

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Special Merit

The Vision Guard

Product Description

The main goal of The Vision Guard is to detect vision problems much accurately. This includes the initial tests to detect eye diseases, which could be done without channeling a doctor. The Vision Guard provides the capability of detecting seven vision problems: Astigmatism, Color Blindness, Depth Perception, Macular Degeneration, Contrast Sensitivity, Visual Acuity and Strabismus accurately based on standard methodologies and technologies in a user friendly manner.Macular Degeneration is detected using the Amsler grid test. Testing for the Depth Perception status is done using 3D images. Astigmatism will be tested using the help of a chart and a dial. In order to detect the Contrast Sensitivity of the user, this application uses images with different contrast levels. To detect Color Blindness of the users, the proposed application uses Ishihara test.

It also includes training exercise for vision problems which are recommended by ophthalmologists. It allows users to diagnose their vision impairments at an early stage so that they can be treated quickly before it becomes critical. The Symptom Checker is another additional feature which provides a list of symptoms to be selected by the user and then the application will provide a list of eye diseases with details that the user might be suffering from. This application is available in three different languages which are English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Jurors Evaluation

A unique approach to early intervention in detecting visual impairment from the age of three onward, through gaming techniques to address critical seven tests, which would enable parents to detect and address visual impairments before they can become critical.

This app addresses seven vision problems such as: Astigmatism, Colour Blindness, Depth Perception, Macular Degeneration, Contrast Sensitivity, Visual Acuity and Strabismus accurately based on standard methodologies and technologies. The user interface is friendly and intuitive with a database to search for nearest ophthalmologist for expert advice and support. Vision Guard is one of the most holistic applications that provides a complete solution to this area. It is an application which one hopes will be a standard app that is in the hands of every health worker across Asia.

Producer       : D. I. De Silva ,G. M. T. K. D. S. Suriyawansa,  L. N. C. Perera ,  P. B. Ratnayaka , R. S. Somarathne , F. U. Z. Musaffer

Contact          :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it