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Government & Open Data

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Government & Open Data


State Land Information and Management System (e-SLIMS)

Product Description

The e-SLIMS project was initiated in the Land Commissioner General's Department in 2012 to improve the state land management process in an efficient manner. One of the main objectives of this project was to provide highly efficient and more accurate service, online application services to state lands, and protection of land rights and establishment of proper monitoring system for land related revenue selection.

This project contains all State Land Management functions which are grouped into three main processes during Business Process Re-engineering Study. The land identification and alienation, which is the main process of the project was developed and implemented during the phase one in January – 2013. This process was implemented only in the Western Province and it was developed as a centralized solution. Due to its success and effectiveness, Ministry of Land and Land Development decided to roll out the land identification and alienation process in other provinces as well. Further, the project team is working on the phase two of the project which consist Monitoring and Follow-up processes of state land management.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

Land is the base for any individual’s living and income generating activities. Currently, the majority of the country’s land is under the ownership of the Government, thus assessing the socio-economic development and environment conservation aspects is important for managing this valuable resource base. However, most of the stakeholders associated with State Land management have not been benefited from new technologies including ICT. Moreover, the Government does not get the due income from such land users in return due to lack or delay of information and communication.

Considering the increasing demand for the identification and alienation of State Land for development purposes and for the use of landless citizens, the features of the eSLIMS project set a good example of open data and government’s leadership in using ICT for an area of high citizen demand. Further, project objectives of creating a paperless environment and reducing the land related corruption is directly related to the Government’s key role as an entity of safeguarding citizen’s right for sustainable environment and a lawful society.

The pilot project in the Western Province has result a remarkable success, especially the positive change of attitudes and skills of public servants from top level managerial leadership to the operational workforce. The facilitation of online application for citizens and the monitoring and revenue collection mechanism for government sector stakeholders showcase a drastic change of the engagement of the government agencies working on this area. Therefore, the Grand Jury endorses this project as a winner at e-Swabhimani 2015-2016.

producer          : Land commissioner General's Department

Producer URL :

Contact              : 0112797409



Mobile App for Parliament of Sri Lanka

Product Description:

The Parliament of Sri Lanka envisages using Information and Communication Technology tools to enhance capabilities in its key functional areas and to empower the average citizen with knowledge and information on important issues of the country and of parliamentary decisions that impact their daily life.  This also enable them to become active partners in the country’s development process. The App connects the general public with the legislative process in Parliament of Sri Lanka.

This mobile app provides parliamentary information including Member information, Acts & Bills, Questions and Answers, Calendar, News, Statistics etc. Documents such as Hansard, Order Papers, Order Books, Addendums and Committee Reports also can be viewed or downloaded through the app. Parliament proceedings too can be watched live or viewed as on-demand. Further, the users could contact Members of Parliament or the Secretariat via the app. All content are offered in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages giving the user the ability to use the app in his/her preferred language. More features and improvements will be added in the future.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

As advancement from what Parliament Secretariat delivered though its website, the mobile app bridges several existing gaps much effectively as an average Sri Lankan is more conversant with mobile based technologies. The Secretariat can effectively use this app to serve parliamentarians and  officials. With the propagation of this app, the core businesses of Parliament, including the legislative process has become more open to an average citizen, which has been often confined to a limited number of stakeholders. The navigation convenience and the attractive features has resulted the business of parliament much closer to Parliament’s regular role as well as its daily business. A well-organized documentation system and the trilingual nature of the app contents further enhances inclusiveness and openness, thus the Grand Jury has recognized this app as a Winner.

Producer          : Parliament of Sri Lanka

Producer URL :

Contact              : 0112777548


Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard

Product Description:

Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard provides information about the current status of the country with regard to Science, Technology and Innovation. The main purpose of the dashboard is twofold: to ensure the delivery of stable, reliable, and accessible collections of Institutional and people data in electronic form for shared access by the community; to support the National ST&I strategy by providing national ST&I information that can be an integral part of decision-making, competitive positioning, and focus on value-adding areas.

The Dashboard serves;

  • Ensure establishment, maintenance and delivery of stable, reliable, and accessible collections of Institutional and people Data in electronic form for shared access by the community
  • Maximize the value of research data by increasing the understanding of the collected Data
  • Provide an integrated view of national research outputs
  •  Improve direct access to research Data for end-users
  •  Provide information about the elements of the national Eco system
  •  Portray our global position relative to other countries

The Dashboard is designed to reflect the Innovation eco system. Information is classified according to the Classification System Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This enables all the data to relate to each other and facilitates data visualization.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

Among the core duties of a government is to provide citizens with key information to alert on internationally competitive areas of concurrent importance. The COSTI’s concept of a dashboard to accumulate and disseminate information related to technology and research enables rather disarrayed research community into a single platform. Engaging the scientific and research community to feed into all available information in an organized manner using advanced and attractive features of this dashboard (e.g. Comparing the competitiveness of two countries with OECD accredited data) illustrates the interactive nature of the solution. The ever growing database of the scientific research community along with the valuable information of their research enable the government and other stakeholders to take decisions conveniently. The reliability of data of this dashboard and its openness to every citizen readily match with the category it intended to compete, thus got the Jurors’ special attention that made it a winner.

Producer          : Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation

Producer URL :

Contact             :0112445207

Special Merit

SPOTLIGHT Complaint Management Solution

Product Description:

Across the world, many nations have successfully implemented the complaint management solutions for diverse complaint types, so as to promote open government initiatives and other policies. In Sri Lanka, there are many issues with the current complaint management process in government departments, such as hassle in submitting complaints, one-directional complaint reporting, lack of a well-organized complaint management process and lack of sufficient evidence for the government. This has led to citizens being dissatisfied with the current process of submitting complaints and the solutions provided for issues highlighted in the complaints.This project analyses the reasons for this dissatisfaction and aims to design, develop and evaluate an IT solution, which would enable millennial citizens to report issues and monitor the process by which these issues are resolved with minimal hassle.

A front-end IT solution has been created for citizens - the ‘Spotlight’ mobile app; which allows citizens to submit new complaints, escalate complaints, merge complaints, request status updates from government, vote on complaints, close complaints, etc. The solution is complemented by a conceptual framework designed to streamline the complaint management process by incorporating the IT solution into the process in the most effective manner.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

At the increase of smartphone use among Sri Lankans, innovative and attractive applications on mobile platforms with novel features enable them engaging with the Government agencies for a worthy cause without much hassle. This app promotes e-Participation, thus helps government to quickly react with solutions for various matters that constraint citizen’s day to day work. Although the designer has initially targeted citizens who live or work in Colombo or travel around the city regularly possessing smartphones, it can be introduced to other parts as well.

Since the database for this app is currently not operational in the Cloud, the government departments should be encouraged to feed necessary information for certain databases enabling integration of the app to the back-end systems. This enables complying with those departments on the open data concept.Due to the above characteristics, the Grand Jury decided to recognize this submission by a rather young developer.

Producer : Ryan Poulier

Contact    : 0777707425