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Bhasha Helakuru


Producer: Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

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Producer’s Description

Bhasha Helakuru is a standard soft-keyboard for Android devices that enables input of Sinhala Language text. It works system-wide on the Android OS. The advantage Helakuru offers to users is that it enables Sinhala Language input not only on Sinhala supported apps such as the Bhasha
SETT Browser or the Bhasha Dictionary, but also on any app including Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. Helakuru includes both Sinhala & English keyboard layouts. Switching languages is enabled on the press of a button. Users can thus intersperse English characters amongst Sinhala
characters as required. Since Helakuru's Input Method Editor (IME) is designed phonetically users follow the same input method they normally use for typing Sinhala SMSs in English that is in “Singlish” (Sinhala transliterated in English).

SLT Rainbow Pages Mobile Application


SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd

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Mobile Content

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SLT Publications (Pvt.) Ltd, popularly known as RAINBOW PAGES is the publisher of the comprehensive National Business Directory - SLT RAINBOW PAGES and holds the unique position of being the foremost Directory publisher in Sri Lanka. In the early days, information was disseminated to the public via a printed book which was circulated to all the fixed line telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka. It contained listings of Residential Telephones as well as that of Government Organizations and Private Businesses. It later evolved to the Rainbow Pages with categorized listings of a wide variety.
Today, in keeping with the technological advancements in the Country this directory information is being distributed via the latest electronic media - a Directory CD, www.rainbowpages. lk, a web portal - WAP for mobile phone users - an e Directory and the Rainbow Pages on IPTV. Rainbow Pages are now reaching out to a large clientele. Information is now accessible from anyplace at any time. In keeping with the march of technology SLT Publications will continue to introduce the latest cutting – edge devices for directory information access in the west to Sri Lanka.


Certificate of Appreciation

AXLO - Sri Lanka

Producer :  4Axis Solutions

Media Format : Mobile Content

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Explore Sri Lanka

Producer :  Mr. Kalum Fernando

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