Winners 2017




 Product Description

ParkMeApp is a mobile app to avoid your day to day parking hassle. Due to an increase of the use of vehicles, wrong parking and illegal parking methods there has been an increases of the number of accidents and traffic in cities. Most of the people don’t know where to park and where the legal parking places are located. So the majority of them tent to park vehicles in corners of the roads.

This app helps to find the best and the most suitable parking spot. Using this application the user can find the nearest and safest parking spot easily. Users can easily customize their parking needs with ParkMeApp filters and find the most appropriate parking spot. ParkMeApp gives detailed information about their listed parking spots in Sri Lanka. ParkMeApp users can easily find the availability of any parking spot. ParkMeApp is the easiest way to stress-free parking experience. ParkMeApp has been made available for both Android and Apple Smartphone users.


Jurors’ Evaluation

This app will become useful to drivers within city limits where proper rules and regulations are enforced. Even if not, finding a parking spot especially in busy cities is a cumbersome task. ParkMeApp gives user the option to become an owner of a parking space. User can add a new spot and pick the price range, locate it, name it and select hours. Additionally, it keeps the user on the track of how much time he/she has left in your spot through a parking countdown.

ParkMeApp has potential due to the convenience it offers and the user friendly application interface. It will need to further integrate with partners especially for other services such as payments to continue being relevant for the user.

Producer          : Ceffectz (Pvt) Ltd