Winners 2017

Smart Farm



 Product Description

“Smart Farm” is a mobile application to manage water supply of a farming area. The existing water management systems are carried out manually which require more time and effort. This solution automatically controls the water system using soil moisture sensor data.

Smart Farm use Bluetooth to communicate with hardware devices and sensors. The system has sensors to monitor soil moisture, sunlight, temperature and light intensity. Mobile application uses soil moisture sensor data to automatically control the water system and other sensor data can be used to monitor environmental conditions of the farm. The user need to be within Bluetooth signal range (approximately 60m) from the system as this uses Bluetooth technology.

The mobile application has a graphical representation of real time sensor data as well as statistical sensor data of past period of time. Graphically represented real time sensor data gives a quick and better understanding of current environmental conditions at a glance.

And also it has a data log to store sensor data. These stored sensor data can be analyzed and used in an effective manner to predict what crops to be grown in the next season. This prediction guides farmers to cultivate the most fruitful crop items to have better harvest which is economically beneficial. And also farmers can control the fertilizer delivery system using a switch in the mobile application, which makes farming activities easy.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Smart Farm is a cost and energy effective solution to agriculture which is easy to use. Farmers can monitor field details and switch on the watering system using the mobile app within the Bluetooth range without going to field. System receives real time soil moisture sensor data and if it is approaches the threshold value that is defined in the mobile application, watering system will be automatically switched off. This system can be adopted in to a farm of any scale and the captured sensor data can be used in future decision making such as the type of crop to be grown at the next season.

Producer          : iCoders from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (Thamarasi Nanayakkara & Tharindi Jagoda)