Winners 2017




 Product Description

Atmosphere is a low cost weather station which sends live weather updates to A&T Labs IoT Platform “Magicblocks”. By using this Magicblocks IoT Platform it can be configured to re-route the data to a specific web site or to generate SMS using a SMS gateway or to perform specific tasks such as disaster warning generation. Using this platform, parameters of the device can be configured wirelessly. Device is self-powered with a solar panel, an internal battery and it also has the external A/C power option.

Weather station consists of two major hardware units; sensor unit and the “ICON”. It can easily customized according to the user requirement by adding sensors such as water level, solar intensity, etc. and adding/replacing more accurate sensors to ICON which is an industrial controller consist of power management, data processing and communication modules with required protection for outdoor or industrial use.

This system have three powering options, that is solarphotovoltaic, internal battery and external DC supply. Basic communication mode of the Weather station is GSM/GPRS, however 3G and WiFi option is also available on request for the product.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Knowing what is happening around our environment is really important to make decisions in human life. Weather is one of the most important factor data can be used in many ways to facilitate human life. The product Atmosphere provides these information to the users at a low cost. This can be used as a disaster early warning system, by installing it to measure some parameters of the weather such as rain fall and water level of streams and sent to a could service which consists of decision making mechanism. Weather data which produced by the Atmosphere can be used as a proof of disasters in agriculture or land evaluation insurance schemes. And also it can be modified to measure agriculture specific parameters such as soil moisture and temperature so that farmers can take precautions to minimize or avoid the impact it has on crops.

Producer          : A & T Labs (Pvt) Ltd