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Grade 5



 Product Description

Grade5 is an educational platform primarily designed and developed for school students who are preparing for the Grade5 scholarship examination in Sri Lanka. The platform provides with model exam papers, lessons and online preparation exams which helps and guides the students to prepare for the Grade5 scholarship examination in an innovative way.

Grade5 has both Mobile App and Web App where it provides facility to sit down for both detailed study and the same session on the mobile phone. Grade5 model papers consists of two parts in line with scholarship examination paper; this is as per the approved standard of the national education commission and education ministry guidelines. Students are also provided an examination environment with a visible running clock in order to answer the questions within the given time period. This approach helps students to improve their time management skills for the examination. All the model papers are created by a highly qualified panel of teachers.

After a student completes a model exam paper the results will be displayed instantly; and they also get a detailed report once they finish a model exam paper. The detailed report will help parent/ guardians and students to identify the subject areas that students need to improve in the future. In the detailed report students can view the answers for the questions incorrectly answered.

The revenue model of Grade5 revolves around free and to be purchased model papers. Consumers can purchase paper sets using a variety of payment options which includes Dialog add to bill, ezCash, mCash, card payments and bank deposits.


Jurors’ Evaluation

For many a student, Grade 5 scholarship examination represents a life changing milestone in their education life. In a time where educational facilities (both physical infrastructure and availability of teachers) are not distributed throughout the country in an equitable manner, this product (both Web and Mobile Apps) attempts to fill that clear void.

The product simply empowers the parents and students to overcome this important hurdle. The utility of this product to parents who might not have a sufficient educational background to teach their children is praiseworthy. The fact that it is available as a mobile map and increasing affordability of smart phones has allowed this product to reach virtually every sector in the society in terms of geographical and economic context.

The product also encourages self-learning, an extremely important ability that needs to be developed in children in their early life.

Producer          : Crowderia (Pvt) Ltd