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 Product Description

CAMMS Risk is a disaster and emergency management system which ensures a smart and risk-free living for people. CAMMS Risk combines how people of a country should expect to and respond emergencies and disasters due to climate change and/or any other factor with the strategic and action plans the government has set in place for the (producing a lot with very little waste) and reliable management and recovery in an event of such emergency/disaster. CAMMS Risk offers both reactive and proactive approaches towards disaster/emergency response and management which are linked directly with the government's vision.

CAMMS Risk is a single platform solution for people in charge to plan and action solutions for disasters, emergencies and climate change bases solutions. It allows users (corporates and governments) to manage risks, audits, incidents and hazards the simple way with CAMMS’ enterprise risk management software.

This solution complies with international standards such as ISO 31000:2009 and the COSO framework, will help you to easily identify and manage strategic, corporate, operational and project risks so you can make smarter decisions into the future.


Jurors’ Evaluation

This is a very powerful platform for corporates and governments to easily manage and audit risks. The simple layout and interactive web application allows user a great user experience at using the platform. CAMMS Risk have tried to make the platform as user-friendly as possible. Risk is generally considered to be a very boring subject, however CAMMS risk have really tried to make it cool. The analytics and reporting tool makes it easier for the users to have a high level view of the risks involved. They have some strong case studies like VenuesWest in Australia and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, UK which adds value to the application. This project supports adaptation to climate change, resilience to disasters and/or risk management. This is good application from a credible organisation looking to change the way organisations think about risk management.

Producer          : CAM Management Solutions