Winners 2017

Web Solution for Mirissa Tourism



 Product Description

Tourism is one of the main and dynamic economic sectors of growth in Sri Lanka. With the world opening up gaining tourist footfalls to remote corners of any country special and unique presentation is needed. Mirissa Tourism is a travel website developed by Web (Pvt) Ltd to support Mirissa Tourism, a regional tourism company. Tourism to Mirissa is supposed to be directed by the internet than other promotional scheme and this web solution is to provide that essential positioning support to the company to attract more customers.

Mirissa’s unique offering of whale watching had been captured well with videos done in real time and with drone technologies too. Whale watching is a specialty service offering from Mirissa Tourism. The product will provide strong on-line presence with adherence to Mirissa digital branding expectations. This helps the customer to understand the experience they are going to get from the Mirrissa Tours. The website has the facility to book the tours online as well.

Mirrisa tourism gain the possibility of breaking barriers between the company and customer, while providing them a more personalized service through the new web solution. Now they have increased opportunities for market expansion via strong online presence.


Jurors’ Evaluation

The web solution is quite strong and pleasantly presented with a simple navigation system consisting of 05 pages. The captivating videos and scenes depicting the Mirissa allure was noted. Real time voice connectivity too is provided. It was also noted that the company has worked out the development of the web solution after a through competitor analysis which had resulted in an excellent product. Optimization strategies have been followed which would see the website surfacing at the top of a search. The site has facilities to book tours on-line – Mirissa and beyond.

Producer          : Web (Pvt) Ltd