Winners 2017



 Product Description is a web-based booking portal that enables dynamic management of all travel sector services including accommodation, activities and transport. It uses a “shopping cart” concept to enable travelers to customize their trip the way they would like.

The booking engine allows tour operators, hotels, BnBs, activity providers such as Safari, rafting and ballooning services, transport operators to host their own offers, deals, rates, card promotions via an extranet.

With over 150 hotels, over 50 activities and many vehicle operators in just over a year from launch, vision is to be a global travel platform very soon.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Ayubo has a sleek interface and uses design concepts from best in class travel portals. It is unique to other travel sites in the very usable customizability of multiple services into a single itinerary or “shopping cart.” The inclusion of activities and vehicles and the transparency in pricing make it a differentiator in the market.

Ayubo takes advantage of the growing desire of travelers to customize their experience to their needs. Taking this a step further, including pre-planned “itineraries/shopping carts” for those not familiar with what to search for will also be useful.

A recommendation engine based on the items already selected will also add value to customers who may miss good opportunities nearby, as well as create cross-sell opportunities for Ayubo. There is still room to grow in onboarding a larger inventory of suppliers but it is at a strong start.

In global competition, it will go against larger firms such as, Travelocity and Agoda. By uniquely allowing customization of an array of services, it will be able to take advantage of the consumer behavior changes that are happening in tourism. As with most web based applications, the most important aspect will be to ensure a constant flow of ‘eyeballs’ through powerful SEO, social media and display marketing. Amidst the many in this sector, Ayubo is emerging as a strong contender in this space.

Producer          : Ayubo Leisure (Pvt) Ltd