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Grade 5 Genius



 Product Description

Guru Grade 5 genius is designed to enhance and engage grade 5 students covering several subjects with targeted MCQ questions with many innovative features. App has both free and paid quizzes. Once a quiz is completed, results and elapsed time is displayed. Users can rise through levels based on their skills.

The app is a MCQ type Q&A app which draws its questions from a very large question bank, more than 1500 questions, developed by expert tutors in respective areas. It includes many subjects from ranging from maths, general knowledge, languages to misc. the registration screen allows social connect as well as traditional email based registration.

There is a free trial questionnaire for anyone to try out free of charge to get a feel for the app. So students who wants to venture further can pay for the categories they want via mobile carrier billing window that pops up when registering for those categories.

When doing a quiz user are required to touch the correct answers. If they touch the wrong answer the correct one will be highlighted. They are allowed to proceed to the next question. The free practice quiz allows 15 questions to be completed in 5 minutes. Once completed a summary of the result will be displayed. Based on your performance a leader board is maintained.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Most of the students in this age range are addicted to traditional tuition methods, such as individual and grouped classes, which make the students tired and waste their valuable time on the road. With the revolution of Sri Lankan education system, students has to blend their activities with digital devices. Grade 5 Genius is an app developed targeting the students who are preparing for the grade 5 scholarship examination. For more convenience this app is in Sinhala language, allowing it to be used by a larger group of grade 5 student around the country.

Currently there are 1500+ MCQ type questions. Since some categories are free, parents can check the suitability of this application to their kids without any waste of money. And the features of this app will encourage the students to do more questions and build confidence to face the examination.

Producer          : Maya Creations (Pvt) Ltd