Winners 2017



 Product Description

Magicblocks is a cloud connected microcontroller platform for learning, design & development of IoT & robotics based applications. It combines hardware and software into a tightly integrated cloud system which makes it easy to create such applications.

Its suite of microcontroller hardware boards and array of hardware peripherals can be used to learn, design & develop systems to suit a variety of requirements. With magicblocks cloud system the user can run the entire logic in the cloud and use the microcontroller on development board as a slave device. This allows very complex functionality to be executed using very simple & inexpensive hardware simply because the heavy lifting is done in the cloud. Implementing the logic requires no knowledge on coding for most applications and everything can be done using a visual editor.

Magicblocks is unique because it is the first of its kind to combine the power of the cloud to the simplicity of the microcontroller. Magicblocks includes a suite of microcontroller development boards which includes peripherals and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Magicblocks, with its easy to use UI and lower barrier to entry for novices positions it as an ideal learning platform. Not only for embedded systems for hacking the internet of things together (IoT), it can be used to explore robotics as well. This framework allows beginners to get the taste of a versatile development platform which is important in creating the interest in the younger user groups. All this can be facilitated at a lower cost than existing systems since the end microcontroller based hardware is simpler where the power and flexibility resides in the cloud.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Magicblocks elegantly simplifies the use and learning of IoT, robotics and hardware-software interactions for students, young learners and budding entrepreneurs. Sri Lankan education system needs to develop a “maker” culture where young individuals can be creative and innovative. This platform creates an ideal place to start. There are many potential use cases for schools or parents at affordable prices.

The platform itself is user friendly with visual editors and a simple user interface. The online store concept is a great channel to make the hardware components accessible. The hardware has a plug-n-play approach with instant results, which makes the learning process very gratifying.

MagicBlocks is on to a unique approach to create a powerful learning experience around IoT and robotics and foresee success with the right go-to-market strategy. Further, integrating this platform with existing IoT Platforms and hardware will ensure it continues to stay relevant and part of the larger global ecosystem of such applications thereby creating more value.

Producer          : A & T Labs (Pvt) Ltd