Winners 2017





 Product Description

oDoc is an application that connects people with doctors for video consultation and care. Combining cutting-edge mobile and AI technology with the best clinical expertise, it brings medical advice and instant prescriptions to the end user after a few taps of the mobile phone.

Currently the only way to see a doctor in Sri Lanka is to physically go and see him/her. This costs a lot of money in terms of transport, time off work and a lot of time again in transport and waiting for the doctor. Also doctor’s waiting rooms are filled with others who are ill and hence is a highly contaminated environment. Rural areas do not have many specialist doctors hence, people have to travel far distances to the city to see a specialist. Further, there is a stigma attached to seeking treatment for mental and sexual health and hence many people do not get the treatment resulting in Sri Lanka having one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

Saving money and time in going to see a doctor is one of the key benefits of oDoc and at the same time this product improves the accessibility, when it comes to rural areas where specialists are limited. Not only that, oDoc enables to book appointments in seconds, upload photos and lab tests and see a doctor on demand, at anytime and anywhere according to the user’s demand.

oDoc contains a powerful data analytics module and because of that oDoc can predict the health condition of the user even before he/she gets sick and the same time it lets the user know what are the changes that he/she needs to make life to get better (prescriptive).

The main objective of oDoc is to make all Sri Lankans to live longer, happier and healthier lives through providing on-demand high quality primary healthcare that is universally accessible, affordable and personal and to be among the best health-tech platforms in the world.


Jurors’ Evaluation

As the product description indicates, oDoc addresses one of the real issues that commonly can be seen in the society. It is a very good example to show how technology has evolved in healthcare sector. Using this application, the patient can get medical advice without go to the hospital physically. oDoc solution provides internet platform to connect patients with doctors for video consultation through their smart phone.

Due to privacy factors, people are much more reluctant to seek treatment for mental and sexual health in Sri Lanka and it indirectly has a huge impact on suicide rate. So oDoc can fill this gap and prevent such incidents in future by educating people through medical advice. Likewise, similar type of telemedicine mechanisms can be seen in other developed countries such as USA and UK.

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