Winners 2017

eChannelling Doctor Channelling System



 Product Description

eChannelling application provides a total IT solution to support the channeling service of hospitals and deliver convenience to its customers. It is the largest doctor channeling network in Sri Lanka which has been operational since 2001 as a portal and from 2016 as an application. It is a revolutionary centralized channel booking system that allows patients to channel consultants. The system has been designed to safeguard both patient information as well as doctor information.

Through eChannelling, the patient has the facility to channel a doctor without visiting the hospital using the website, iOS and Android applications. And also it facilitates the option to channel a doctor through telecom and retail agents.

It is a comprehensive and sophisticated system with various modules. However it is designed in a user- friendly manner to provide convenience to its customers. The system is updated in real time, so that patients can see the most updated schedule of a consultant, make appointment with a consultant and conduct the payment at their own convenience.


Jurors’ Evaluation

With the busy lifestyle, people tend to do many things via the Internet or mobile apps these days. So if healthcare organizations want to keep up, they must adjust their systems to complement the on-the-go lifestyles of the public. As a solution for this, eChannelling has implemented a mobile app as well the web portal and it was able to capture its target market within a shorter period of time with their strategic business model.

User friendly graphical user interface is one of the best features in this application and because of that reason even when someone logs in the system for the first time, he/she can carry out the task without having user instruction manual or help desk.

SMS notification to patients about the doctor’s arrival, delay or other status for the specific session are some of the key features of eChannelling and it brings convenience to patients and also saves time & money of the patient. Not only that, D-Doctor SMS system of eChannelling automatically sends a SMS message to doctors to inform them about their appointment details for their session at a hospital. Due to the above characteristics of the application, the Grand Jury decided to give a recognition to this product as a winner.

Producer          : eChannelling PLC