Winners 2017




 Product Description

LankaStatMap is the latest electronic data dissemination product of the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) of Sri Lanka and it is a web based platform that offers the data users the additional facility to compare and link statistics with geographical information available in many different sources using location information, geo databases and enhanced graphical features attributed to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). LankaStatMap is also capable of interactively publishing a large quantity of data attributed to lower administrative levels in a single map window on the web.

By using the LankaStatMap website, the user is able to analyze the DCS statistics comparatively with the geographical information available in different types of Satellite images, Road maps and with any other publically available utility and geographic feature layers, on which the LankaStatMap web site can interactively display the regional statistics.

Traditional data dissemination web sites of a DCS published and displayed data on text based publications or in table formats. Some of these publications use graphs to illustrate and emphasize data trends and differences for limited amount of statistics. LankaStatMap overcomes this difficulty faced by the data users and it has the capability to summarize data to the lowest administrative levels and even to provide statistical data in a more comprehensive standard.


Jurors’ Evaluation

LankaStatMap efficiently publishes a large number of downloadable data tables of very large size, resembling databases, geo-server, Cartographical and other GIS related cutting edge web tools that work on open source software. The development of LankaStatMap is a unique approach by the DCS as this web platform can cater many users including Public Administrators, Policy Makers and Community Development Project Planners, International Development Partners, Public and Private sector entrepreneurs and general public for their data gathering requirements to meet development targets of the country as dissemination of statistics related to an administrative unit with all the available geographical information of it gives more power to decision makers and brings more benefits. It is also commendable that user interface is friendly and intuitive with the database and it can disseminate data at all the administrative levels from Province down to the Grama Niladhari Division level, which is the smallest administrative level of the country. By selecting an administrative area all the census data made available and related to the selected area could be displayed, downloaded and analyzed with the latest geographical features captured by popular publishers of Satellite images.

Producer          : Department of Census and Statistics