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Online Tourism Business Licensing Service (OTBLS)



 Product Description

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA or Sri Lanka Tourism) is the regulator of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka and has launched a new online service named Online Tourism Business Licensing Service (OTBLS), which will cater to the growing tourism sector of the country.

The aim of the solution is to deliver tourism business licensing which is a mandatory requirement by law for tourism businesses as an online service, which makes the process more efficient and accessible to any tourism business from any part of the country, irrespectively of their size or nature of the tourism business. The OTBLS platform is the Sri Lanka Tourism’s Extranet which delivers business licensing, which is a core service offering of the SLTDA.

Currently, Sri Lanka Tourism caters tourism businesses as well as individuals who are registered as tour guides. These businesses range from large hotel chains to home stays to travel agents. Tourist Guides can also register themselves using the system as individual service providers if they complete the tourist guide program conducted by Sri Lanka Tourism.

From 1st of April 2017, SLTDA has moved its license processing service totally to online and became the first Sri Lankan government licensing authority to move its licensing process entirely to the cyberspace and it has discontinued the offline licensing process.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Since the industry is scattered around the country, it will be convenient for applicants and existing licensees to obtain and renew their tourism licenses through online, without having to come to Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority's (SLTDA) head office which is situated in Colombo.

As per the submission, one of the unique features of the solution is that SLTDA has discontinued its offline licensing process and has relied solely on the platform. It ensures that the workflow system will monitor the time taken for each application and will improve and guarantee the service delivery to its licensees. This will encourage the sector to come and register with SLTDA whereby changing the perception of government related services. The platform has an extranet which licensees can check the status of the application or renewal and receive status alerts of their submission.

The system is also connected many other peripheral systems. As a part of the system, a web service (XML) is developed by SLTDA to push the content which is stored in the system to other platforms which will improve the usability and expansion of the system.

Producer          : Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority